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Weather you go out alone ,or with your loves ones, Luxe Tempo's tents are your reliable shelter in wilderness.

With designers' team of avid outdoorsmen who spend countless nights in tents ,
we understand more than anyone how important it is for you to have a reliable 
shelter when you are out camping ,and we also understand that sometimes your
 equipment especially the camping tents which are epected to be 
weather-worthy ,bug-proof and protect you from all the elements of nature,
can let you down .To help campers avoid all the misery associated with ripped 
leaking tents,snagged tent zippers,broke guy-lines,and soaking wet sleeping pads,
Luxe Tempo tents are designed with campers'best interests in mind and 
manufactured only from the finest materials with exquisite workmanship.The
performance of each style is field tested and approved by critic reviewers.

Camping Tents

Whenever you decide to camp out in the world's wilderness to seek the solitude of adventure trips,it is important to make sure you have the right camping gear with you.And tents are the most important and basic camping essentials.A good reliable tent should be the combination of the following features:Easy to set up and take down in case of sudden weather change.Totally water -tight and enough pegs and guylines to protect you from severe weather.Generous ceiling height to make camping tents more livable.Spacious vestibule to keep camping gear dry and clean. Light enough to carry ,especially when you are planning a thru hike or backpacking trips walking most of the trip.

Self Inflating Sleeping Mat

Having a good night's sleep is critical to keep you energetic for the next day adventure.

Camping without a sleeping pad will be miserable. Even in summer nights,sleeping

mats are indispensible not only because they can soften the ground bumps, but also

because your body will constantly loose heat to the ground the entire night and make 

you cold throughout the backside.

So remember to choose the right type of sleeping mat

If you go tent camping,Luxe Tempo's sleeping mats are great choice and can provide 

all the comfort, support and insulation you need for a restful night's sleep.

1 person tent

Luxe Tempo' keen campers found solo camp adventures enjoyable and challenging.

It is a great way to build sefl-reliance,find your true self and run away from stress.

So,for at least once in your lifetime, take a 1 person tent,call it your own house on the trip,

do things on your own terms and bring yourself closer to mother nature.

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