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2 Person Backpacking Tent 4 Season_SYL2
2 Person Backpacking Tent 4 Season_SYL2


US$ 115.00
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  • 2018-10-16
    So, We tried it out immediately after delivery and got caught up in nasty weather with strong wind ripping through the campsite before hours of rain. The tent stood steady and robust ,nothing fluttered and everything inside remained dry even though we found the tent partly in a puddle the next morning(With footprint lined beneath). Tent is warm,better leave the mesh windows open.Some condensation was noticed,but only on the rainfly.The stakes should be updated with strong ones.
  • 2018-09-29
    This tent is like a bombproof! It is much stronger than the tent I use had. I had a camping with my friends last weekend. Even though it is still Sep, the weather in Los Angeles has been a little bit cold at the night time. It was only 54F at that day but it was warm inside the tent. We just slept like a baby, everything under the fly was dry. A great tent for the price!
  • 2018-09-27
    Feng li
    Can't believe that such a high quality, I just used it two days ago, highly recommended, good quality and beautiful color!
  • 2018-09-12
    I finally got to try this out camping this weekend and it rained on us and we stayed dry! I had my backpack tucked under the little vestibule area and kept all my stuff dry as well. The rainfly was a little damp after but that was to be expected. I really like its simplicity as well as the double entrance.This tent is super light weight and I plan on using this for back packing in the near future. I would, however, recommend getting a footprint or tarp for underneath as the base material is very thin. Other than that I am very pleased at what I got for the price
  • 2018-08-17
    We used this tent for 4 nights in the mountains .It was a lot warmer in the tent than outside.Glad I bought it for our winter adventures.Would recommend.
  • 2018-07-27
    Mason Z.
    top top top! I love this tent. with all the fine tiny yet efficient details that have. reflective strips, smooth sturdy zippers, vents, poles, etc. Have been using it for my camps so far in 3 seasons, not icy canadian winter though. I wont change a thing in it except the size, The only drawback is the size. this is 2 persons tent but actually it fits only 1 person with gear. too tight for two without their gear. Luxe Tempo, please either add at least 2foot in the width and another 2ft in the length. or make a 3 persons version. Looking forward to that.
  • 2018-07-24
    Koree R
    Fantastic tent. Have used it while road tripping for the last 3 months in super rainy, hot, and cold nights (down to 30 degrees). Provides great ventilation during hot nights. Need to use tarp during rainy days so that water doesn't leak through bottom. It condenses down into reasonable size for hikes into camp sites. My only complaint is the bag used to carry tent is already ripped completely (I purchased it in January). Will probably have to look for new carrier within the week because it no longer holds tent.
    But seriously...great tent.
  • 2018-07-21
    qun you
    We bought this tent to be used for our first mini camping trip and it sure didn't disappoint. The tent was easy to set up and fold away, it was roomy enough for the two of us to stay in. The tent was well made and sturdy enough to hold the winds that we were experiencing during the trip. Also love the fact that it had mesh window on two sides which gave us excellent views while inside the tent. Can't wait to use it again on our next camping trip.
  • 2018-06-25
    Yang Chen
    The tent is very lightweight yet very stable once it's set up. The first time it took us a while to figure out how it needs to be set up. Once you've done it, it will become super easy. We are pleased that such a lightweight tent turns out to be a very well built one. We've already used it for camping twice and it holds up very well. Would recommend!
  • 2018-06-06
    Greg Agar
    We love to go camping during the summer, we have an old tent but it started to wear out. We bought this one to replace the old one. It showed up before our camping trip, it's easy to put together, and holds up very well. The weather was hot and dry, so we didn't get chance to see if it would hold up against rain. We like it so far.
  • 2018-05-14
    Jay A. Gordon
    Set up in house to check it out {thunderstorm outside}. Went together very easily in under 5min. Size is perfect for us {I'm 5'8 /wife is 5'6 }. Has more headroom than our last tent. Great to have 2 entrance/exits. Pocket holding areas inside look very convenient including hook at top to hold a light. See no problem with zippers as others have said. Yosemite here we come!
  • 2018-04-14
    Erin Miller
    Took this to big bend and everyone else ended up with layers of dust in their tents but I didn't. Well made, good size, good zippers, didn't catch the wind like others.
  • 2018-03-20
    Received today and set it up. Very happy with quality of construction and roominess. I have had countless tents over my 50+ camping years, and this tent is worth it at twice the price. I did read a couple of negative reviews on this product, but as far as I am concerned they are baseless. I would highly recommend this product.
  • 2018-03-12
    Chuck G
    This tent is fantastic. I used it with my son, and we were hit with a pretty big storm. This tent had no problem. While it was pouring outside we were nice and dry. While the wind was blowing it never felt like it was going to collapse or uproot. I am 6’1 and slept comfortably. I Imagine it would be slightly uncomfortable at about 6’4, but it can easily sleep two adults. Great product. I will be recommending it.
  • 2018-03-04
    Joseph Gabriel
    Great tent and lost of room. The rain drop is also a great cover. Just a couple lbs heavier than my preference but other than that I enjoyed it a lot
  • 2018-02-19
    Kari H.
    I read some of the reviews on this tent and was convinced greatly to buy this tent. Best purchase I have made. Camped in 25 +/- degree weather, the inside of the tent was a little warmer than it was outside, which made it tolerable to sleep. Camped in a wind storm up a rim, and the tent held together quite nicely and didn't shake loudly like most tents do. I brought a buddy heater with me and the tent kept the heat in. The only complaint that I have with the tent are the stakes that come with it. The stakes that are included are the aluminum stakes that bend very easily, but all I had to do was go to Walmart and buy the stainless steel stakes for cheap. All in all I highly recommend this tent if you are looking for a four season tent.
  • 2018-02-03
    Cecelia Anna
    Such a great and high quality tent. It’s winter time now in New York, not a good time for camping yet. Therefore I have set up this tent in my backyard. The double layers door design prevent the tent from the wind, so inside will keep warm, And it says it’s good for 4 seasons. So it must be water and snow proof as well. I can’t wait to take this tent to my first camping on this year.
  • 2017-12-19
    Amazon Customer
    I haven't used this in the winter yet but I have in the Fall (in upstate New York: 35-45 degree weather at night). It fits my boyfriend and I perfectly including some of our smaller bags.
    I am 5'6 and he is about 5'8-5'9 and we still had a little bit of room. Very good price for the high quality it provides!
  • 2017-12-07
    This is the first camping tent I have for me and my family, my daughter like it very much. It’s not so big, but the space is big enough to accomdate 2 adult, and with my little daughter. I tried it in one camping activity, it is very easy to be setup, one person can handle it with only 1 or 2 minutes.
  • 2017-11-30
    Anna Hetman
    We took this tent on a 2-week road trip. So easy to set up and take down, small pack size. Snugly fit my husband, myself and our dog at our feet. A great tent for the price.
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