Get Free Gear: Luxe Tempo Reviewer Program

Get Free Gear: Luxe Tempo Reviewer Program

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The Program

How many testers will you select?

Testers can apply for opportunities to test and win free gear all year round .We will select about 150 testers for each testing campaign,and this round lasts until the end of October.

Do you loose money in the testing program?

Yes we do for the moment.But testers help us enhance the brand awareness,understand how we can do better and enlarge our community,that’s quite valuable for us.

How does the program work?

No purchase required,no special requirements, all you need to do is to use the gear and share experience with your readers,followers or friends.Selected testers will be notified by email and we’ll ship the gear to you for free.You keep the gear for free in return .

What kind of gear do testers review?

1-4 person camping tents,self inflating sleeping pads and sleeping bags,the gear value varies from $50-$200

Where are the test gear from?

Luxe Tempo manufacture most of the gear and we do have imported gear from other noteworthy brands for testing

The Testers

We want you to apply if you

  • Love the outdoor lifestyle experienced and camp a lot ,or act as a leader/member of diverse outdoor groups
  • Take gear review seriously and are willing to spend time and energy to fulfill the task in a timely and responsible manner
  • You can also apply to test as a niewbie if you have enough gear knowledge or expertise to professionally carry out the test and complete the review(video or written article)

How are testers/reviewers selected

We select testers and reviewers from our community based on the availability,helpfulness and quality of applicants’ previous reviews,the popularity of the social media networks,and most importantly the commitment to our work ethics. .

The Reviews

Please refer to the the outline in order to make sure the review is useful and helpful to others .The reviews should include:

  • The locations where the test was conducted
  • URL of
  • Nature or environment conditions when the gear was tried out
  • A brief description of your trip and how the gear performed based on its design intentions
  • Images or video should be provided along the review
  • Summary
  • The above are the basic rules to follow, however, you can post the review in your own way as long as those information are covered in the content.The review should be written in the first-person and fun to read,instead of being only statistics.

    Enter Program

    Sign Up to become a member of our community and contact [email protected] with any of the following information
    • How much time will the testing take,you can specify a deadline according to your schedule
    • The link to your blog,youtube channel, facebook page,amazon account profile page or anywhere we can have access to your previous reviews

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